You’re Meant to Be An Author If…

You’re Meant to Be An Author If…

We finished off another great Buck Books sale this week, and we got to thinking: What makes someone want to be an author? What draws someone to the art and business of writing? And moreover, what qualities make it easy for someone to succeed as an author?

This is a *highly scientific* list compiled by our staff, in keeping with what we’ve seen succeed. Anyone can become an author, but here are some signs that you may be more inclined toward success.

1. You like writing.

ernest hemingway quoteThere’s no way around it—you have to enjoy writing if your plan is to be a successful writer. It’s not just the first task in a list of tasks that lead to endless money-making for the rest of your. It is the task of your life as an author. If you don’t like writing or are most looking forward to the other parts of being an author, that’s fine. But a career as an author itself may not be for you.

2. You like reading.

reading hipsterDon’t like to read? Then what are you doing trying to write books?! Even if you’re not the most well-read person in the world, you should read semi-regularly if you want to be a successful writer. It keeps you connected to your goal and your craft. If you keep up on the top books in the genre you’re aiming to write in, even better.

3. You can take criticism.

criticism catEditing is criticism. Receiving reviews is criticism. Everything great about being a successful author comes from being able to handle criticism with grace and construction. If you have that skill already, it’ll be all the easier for you be an author.

4. You can “kill your darlings.”stephen king darlings

This phrase has become famous in recent years, and it’s still relevant to people trying to make it as authors. It basically means that you have to be able to edit, change or even completely eliminate what you love. You have to be willing to take that step in faith, trusting that it will lead to a better piece of art overall.

5. Failure doesn’t scare you (at least not much).

failure quoteNot every book is a winner, and not every book is a winner right away. You have be in writing for the process of it all, and always be ready to try something new. Authors keep trying!

6. You can focus on one thing for a long time.

ignore the noise and focusWant to be the author of a 20,000+ word book (or 50,000 words, if you’re epic like that)? That’ll take a little while. And after that, can you then market that book and market it all over the place? And talk about that same book as a Very Professional Author? You better be.

7. You like meeting people on social media.

social media comicLots of book marketing now takes place over social media (and online in general). To be a successful author in today’s markets, you have to be comfortable networking with other people in your industry (including and especially other authors).

8. You’re not scared of marketing yourself.

I made thisYou made a book! Be proud of it, and be ready to tell everyone in your life about it (including dozens of strangers). If you want to be an author, be prepared!

9. You like learning new things.

learn more thingsAn author isn’t just an author anymore. If you’re looking to self-publish, you’ll need to learn how to market yourself across different platforms, develop relationships with bloggers, and maybe even design your own cover (though we can help you with that). You may even have to learn how to do market research. So come prepared to be a student!

10. You know how to practice self-care.

relaxing dogCrazy writers are highly overrated. If you’re going to be a successful modern author, you need to be able to take care of yourself. If you’re set on learning book marketing, formatting your book, editing and polishing your book, finally publishing it and then promoting it forever… you’re going to get really tired really fast. To be successful, you must know how to rest.

Sound like you? Contact us and we’ll make an awesome book together!

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  1. Nice post. I just started reading your short book on audio book production. I will probably finish it later today. I definitely feel that I am called to be an author. I think the biggest reason for me personally is because I have messages that I feel will benefit others and myself if I spread them, and book form is a great way to do so! Have a good day. (=

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