Who We Are

Archangel Ink was created by authors, for authors.

Meet the team that can make your book launch a success!

The world of publishing has changed dramatically in recent years. The growth of self-publishing, and the commensurate explosion of resources designed to serve emerging authors, has shifted the industry’s center of gravity toward authors and independent publishers.

Entrepreneurs and thought leaders from any industry now have the ability to leverage their knowledge and share their ideas with the world. Originally founded in 2012 by Rob Archangel and Matt Stone, Archangel Ink was created to offer professionals the opportunity to navigate the self-publishing process as painlessly as possible. Rob has always been passionate about writing and communication. He worked as an assistant to the publisher of the longest running permaculture journal in North America and developed an appreciation for the power of the published word.

Working with Archangel Ink gives authors a wealth of options under one roof: from cover design and editing to ghostwriting and audiobook production. The process is designed to allow content creators to focus on their specific area of genius while the publishing of their book is handled with efficiency and professionalism.

Archangel Ink Team Members

Archangel Ink was created to provide the quality, professionalism and in-house services of a large publisher, while maintaining the ease and individualized service of a self-publisher.

Rob Archangel – Owner, Self-Publishing Consultant and Book Launch Strategist

Rob Archangel here, logophile, communication enthusiast and self-publisher. My goal is to help authors and entrepreneurs navigate the self-publishing landscape as painlessly as possible so they can share their story and build their brand. For several years, I worked as assistant to the publisher of the longest running permaculture journal in North America, and came to appreciate the power of the published word. In 2012, I entered into the world of digital ebooks, print-on-demand paperbacks, and audiobooks and haven’t looked back. Realizing a knack and a passion for the process, I founded Archangel Ink to help clients more effectively reach their audience. From cover design and editing, to audiobook production and ghostwriting, we provide support and let authors and professionals focus on what they do best, while we add efficiency and professionalism to the rest of the process.


Kristie – Publishing Coordinator

Hi, I’m Kristie, the Publishing Coordinator here at Archangel Ink. I handle the day-to-day operations, client details, sales and service, and coordinate all client projects between team members at every stage of production – from ghostwriting and editing, to book cover design and formatting. This requires a very special set of skills (or sanity!) along with a healthy level of OCD and patience. I’m also a mom, mimi, and homemaker with a passion for theology, music, and mid-century culture. My broad background in billing, physicians credentialing, finance, sales, telecommunications and more give me an edge to keep things running smoothly. I love building relationships with our clients and helping guide them toward their own brand of success. We have an amazing team that provides quality results with top-notch service and I’m blessed to be a part of it.

Jordan Ring – Author and Self-Publishing Consultant

Hey I’m Jordan, an author and self-publishing consultant and have been working with the team here at Archangel Ink since 2016. I’ve learned the nuances of writing, publishing, and launching several of my own in a short time span (six books and a bundle as of May 2020). During the day, I am a freelancing authorpreneur, which means I spend a lot of time writing on my blog while drinking iced coffee and consulting Ironman. My favorite things are hiking, traveling, watching Survivor and Marvel movies, eating Hawaiian pizza, board games, and geeking out on SEO keywords and categories. I also enjoy being random and goofy, and singing along while my wife plays the ukulele. I love working with the awesome team here at Archangel Ink and look forward to partnering with you on your journey to success.

Tyler Derosier – Head of Typesetting and Design

Hey I’m Tyler Derosier. I primarily focus on digital and physical book design and formatting here at Archangel Ink. I know I know, it’s 2020 and we live in the world of digital books now, but some people still like to have an actual book in their hands. As digital books keep growing, physical books will always have their place. Besides, who doesn’t like that trademark physical book smell?
I have a rich background in Information Technology and after serving some time in the dreaded corporate world as a consultant, I burned myself out. I now focus on freelancing from home as much as I can doing a wide range of nerdy things from web development and design to creating books here at Archangel Ink. In my spare time I like to take my nerdiness to new levels by researching health and nutrition, roasting my own coffee, doing creative photography, and trying to stay above “hipster” status listening to the latest new music.

Erica Ellis – Chief Editor

Hi, I’m Erica Ellis, Chief Editor here at Archangel Ink and owner of Ink Deep Editing. I took a rather circuitous route to becoming an editor via degrees in biology and wildlife biology and jobs as a dolphin trainer, veterinary assistant, sea turtle researcher, wildlife biologist, technical writer/editor (oooh, getting close!), stay-at-home mom, and chiropractic assistant.
Once I finally figured out what I wanted to do when I grew up, I quickly got educated in editing, obtaining a Specialized Certificate in Copyediting from the University of California at San Diego and training in developmental editing through the Editorial Freelancers Association and the Author-Editor Clinic. In addition to my work here at Archangel Ink, I work with private authors, helping them bring their stories to the world.

Paige Duke – Editor

Hello, I’m Paige Duke, an editor with Archangel Ink. I fell in love with stories at an early age in the pages of The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, and A Wrinkle in Time and watching sci-fi shows with my dad. These days, some of my favorite authors are Louise Penny, Sue Miller, Rainbow Rowell, and Daniel Handler.
I fell into editing by way of a summer publishing internship. Then after seven years in corporate editing and part-time freelancing, I transitioned to working with indie authors and publishers full time. Editing still feels like a dream job—developing stories, polishing prose, and helping authors reach their goals. My favorite part of this work is experiencing the power of the written word to entertain, inform, and even change the world.
When I’m not working, I enjoy traveling, listening to podcasts, taking my kids to the park, and watching The Office.

Nichole Kraft – Special Projects Editor

Greetings! I’m Nichole Kraft, and I’m so excited to be one of Archangel Ink’s proofreaders. I’m also a freelance copyeditor specializing in nonfiction. I love working with words, cooking up amazing vegan food, and doting on my husband and pets (a miniature horse, cat, and rabbit). I hail from a tiny town in southeastern Kansas, just a few miles from where I was born and raised. I’m a country girl through and through, but I love to experience the world through words, food, and friendships.

Dan Culhane – Voice Talent

I’m Dan Culhane. Narrator here at Archangel Ink.  I’m a logophile and communications enthusiast. Shoot. That’s Rob. I’m a recovering perfectionist with a passion for psychology – dang it. That’s Kristie. What I do is read aloud. Into a microphone. I channel stories from other people. Which explains my wife asking me why I mumble so much. I don’t have any words of my own. I’ve also verbalized many training, instruction, and sales videos. Valuable subject matter. Like 30 pages of information concerning the glue that holds body side-molding on cars. TV and Radio commercials, on-hold messaging, and more. Things like that. See the books I’ve narrated HERE.

Joni Abbott – Voice Talent

Hi I’m Joni Abbott, audiobook narrator here at Archangel Ink. I’m just a girl who figured out she loves people, digs great music from any genre, and talks WAY too much. I put all of that together and got into radio at 17 years of age. Once I started having kiddos, I figured out I had an inner gork (a girl-dork). Once I let her out-of-the-closet, I embraced studying various systems within the body and instead of the typical lust-in-the-dust romance novels next to my bed stand, I kept Anatomy and Physiology volumes. I’m a crunchy Mom (so much so, I am almost crispy) with a radio show (at www.naturalnewsradio.com) who also loves reading…. YOUR books. Doing voiceovers (TV/Radio commercials, intros for shows or YouTube channels, comedy, and audiobooks) is another one of the passions that makes me, me. You can listen to some samples of my audiobook work HERE.

Greg Zarcone – Voice Talent

Hi I’m Greg Zarcone, one of the talking heads at Archangel Ink by night. By day, I’m an IT Project Manager trapped in a corporate cubicle farm poking my head above the divider like a meerkat every time someone screams “Leftovers in the break-room!” Nothing sucks the soul out of a body quite like florescent lighting. Weird combination, I know. ? A little something for the left brain, a little something for the right. Anyway, Archangel Ink is a big part of the reason I was able to make my escape and I am glad to be here! I am now free to scamper happily across the countryside, recording audio as I go. If the voices in your head lead to paying work, you’re not actually crazy. Pretty much mostly. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. Check out the books I’ve narrated HERE. Don’t look directly at them or you’ll get blinded by all the 5-star reviews.