Top Tips for Aspiring New Authors, from Authors

Top Tips for Aspiring New Authors, from Authors

It’s 2020 and the landscape is changing. Writing and publishing a book is easier than ever. But doing it right and making money is harder than ever. 

Success takes grit, determination, and the ability to learn on the go. 

To help you along your path, we’ve curated a list of the best tips from authors, for authors. 

Enjoy, and comment with your own. As always, if you have questions, just ask.

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The Best Tips from Authors just Like You

“To be abstract and not so uptight about the protocol of our language… writing should be an open minded and learning experience. It is more of an adventure then it should be an occupation and in my mind, I am quite sure an eternity can become a word many can’t believe, but I ask this “Y for does any word exist if not actually in someway real..? Whatever blows your kilt up without being kilt… Do that…” —Justin James Douglas 

“Don’t be discouraged if the first thing you write isn’t great. Writing is a skill, just like playing guitar or playing tennis, and you shouldn’t expect to be a master at it on your first try. Just keep writing and learning. It’s a process. Oh, and have fun!” —our very own Chief Editor, Erica Ellis

“Write; even the people you see as influencers online make mistakes.” —Bonnie Phillips 

“Be flexible.” —Dale L. Roberts 

“Schedule time to write in your calendar just like you schedule any other important meetings or tasks. My first book I scheduled every Sunday noon to 6 pm and every Wednesday 2 pm to 8 pm. 1 year later, my first book was handed over to the Archangel Ink editor, and the rest is history. It’s not a race, slow & steady wins!” —Cassie Sobelton 

“Follow your dream. No one else has your story so get it out.” —Glenda Jaquez Dykstra 

“Pull from your life find your voice in the things that are interesting to you to find your audience. Just like  Eddie Murphy or Tyler Perry, you can create a following if you follow your own heart!” —Dirrick Robinson 

“Don’t be afraid to let people read it, and be willing to take constructive criticism. I know it isn’t easy, but, if you have a few people that you feel comfortable enough to let them read your work, they’ll each offer individual insight from the reader’s mind.” —Dawn Lockett 

“Puke your words out; then let Archangel Ink clean up the mess.” —Tim Steele 

“Be yourself. Don’t lose what makes you love writing!” —Angel Moore 

“Follow your intuition and bring the reader into your world through creative detail.” —Nelson Akanni 

“Don’t be discouraged and get used to criticism and the critic, and learn how to keep the reader’s attention with a good twist . And don’t be a Stephen King & over elaborate chapters.” —Michael Freed 

“WRITE!! Every single day! Or at least, that’s the advice that I give myself, as a new author.” —Jamie Fall 

“WRITE — don’t worry about editing. The first version of whatever you pour out is going to be crap. Accept that. —Grif Pritchard 

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”? —James Jack 

“Keep writing. Build an extensive catalog so you’ll have more to bring to the table, and less work to do…” —Antonyo Harrison 

“Find a good publisher.” —Joseph Sokol 

“Keep writing.” —Ta Nisha 

“Follow your heart and trust your gut! Have fun, GOD bless!” —Jeramie Buchholz 

“Write!!! Then rewrite and repeat Ad Nauseam.” —Justin Frederick 


“Feel the words.” —Angie Goodson 

Thanks to all of those who contributed their advice and feedback. We wouldn’t be here without authors JUST LIKE YOU! 😀

-The Archangel Ink Team




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