Archangel Ink Book Launch Services

Have a finished manuscript? Great! Now the hard work begins…

Let’s cut to the chase: self-promotion is not a strong suit for most authors. Archangel Ink can help.

You are probably tired of reading blogs, watching videos and taking courses only to be left with more questions on the best book launch strategy.

Good news, we can help!

Jordan, our dedicated book launch navigator, will help customize a book launch to give your book the one-on-one attention it deserves. He will guide you in building a foundation for on-going platform building and promotion to help grow your audience.

Whether you are planning a book launch, struggling with book promotion and seeing minimal sales, or want to give an older book a boost, we’ve got you covered.

Jordan will use his experience and insight to design a launch plan to suit your unique needs.

He has spent the last several years writing, publishing, and promoting his own books, and can help you get on the fast track to success!

Our book launch package includes up to 120 days of coaching to cover the following:

  • Creating your Amazon sales page, or a full inspection and report of your current page, including writing/rewriting your sales copy. This includes help with creating the best Title/Subtitle, guidance on best SEO practices, along with selection of keywords and categories.
  • Quality book reviews. Every book needs solid reviews to have social proof and boost sales. We will make sure your book has real reviews by real people, and help you build relationships with readers in your field.
  • Guest Posts and Podcast Opportunities: Similar to endorsements, guest blogging and being a guest on a podcast in your field can be a great opportunity for you to expand your reach and promote your book. No spots are guaranteed, but we will help you create a plan on how to find opportunities that are a good fit (including email scripts with coaching and support).
  • AMS keywords to boost your sales at any stage. Jordan will guide you on AMS ads setup, choose keywords and build the ads with customized sales copy.
  • A press release, back cover blurb, book cover assessment, and much more…

We know how hard creating a successful book launch strategy can be as an author, new or seasoned, and it’s our desire to help ease the stress and give you and your book a leg up in the marketplace.

Watch Jordan’s video below and contact us today to book a free consultation, get to know the team, go over package details, and ask questions.

We look forward to speaking with you!


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