Do you have a big audience you can promote your book to, but just don’t have time to write a book yourself? Or would you like to make some money in the Kindle market and share your ideas, but need a little help actually writing the book? We can help.

With a basic book concept, outline, and availability for questions and clarification from our writers, our team of professional and experienced writers can crank out a top-quality book to meet your goals.

This book will be professionally edited, professionally proofread, formatted for Kindle, formatted for print-on-demand paperback, and turned into an audiobook by one of our excellent narrators and the rest of the Archangel Ink audio editing team. In addition, we will design a book cover, write the book description, select keywords, and more–basically taking your idea and completing each step required to publishing it in three formats. We can also give it a great release with several hundred downloads by promoting it at launch through our book promotion platform, Buck Books.

If this is something you’re considering, contact us and let’s chat.

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