Epic Book Launch

Epic Book Launch

Epic Book LaunchBy Buck Flogging

This week we did our first test of the book launch service Epic Book Launch. So, was it #epic? You be the judge. I present to you the cold, hard facts.

Firstly, know that Epic Book Launch is epically expensive. Clients pay anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on how deep you want to go. The full power wash includes driving thousands of email addresses (aka leads) to your site, selling lots of product back on your website, optimizing your call to action in your book, a few other odds and ends, and of course, giving it their signature #epic launch. But don’t let price deter you. The money only matters if you don’t get it all back plus extra, and their first clients have averaged well into the 5-figures in their first month. One of the books they launched that I’ve written about before HERE is still topping $1,000 per day in royalties more than two months after launch.

So let’s look at some real numbers…

the low carb myth kindleThe book we tested out was Ari Whitten’s new book The Low Carb Myth. We collectively spared no expense for this one. Ari has high-converting, expensive products back on his website. We knew with his first book that it was the ultimate marketing tool for selling these expensive products, as he consistently made $2+ on his website for every paid download of his first book Forever Fat Loss.

The launch started on Sunday, February 8th. It was free from 4am eastern on the 8th to 5pm eastern on the 10th. In that time it got 43,711 free downloads, sending it all the way to #3 in the entire free kindle store where it held for nearly 24 consecutive hours.

I know what you’re thinking. I was thinking the same thing myself. They must have tens of thousands of Amazon accounts set up somewhere, and some poor group of virtual assistants busy logging in and out of these different accounts and downloading this free book. While this seems possible, it’s unlikely. Because the book got up to 137 reviews in less than a week, and because Ari’s website sales as well as the sales of his other book did increase, I can’t help but think that these very well might have been legit. At least many of them were. One thing that raises suspicion is that on a day with 24,111 free downloads, it only got 8 KU downloads. By comparison, a free book we promoted yesterday got 1,039 free downloads today, and that was good enough for 9 KU downloads. A much higher ratio of KU to free.

Even if they weren’t fully legit, paid sales are what matters, and those can’t be faked very easily. I’ve seen enough in the paid sales department that I’m starting to become and Epic Book Launch believer.

The book is currently ranked #67 in the entire Kindle store–and #1 in its broadest category: Health, Fitness, and Dieting. Here are the paid download numbers so far with a couple hours left in the day (all but 100 of them were sold at 99 cents, it’s sold 100 at $2.99 in about 5 hours since the price changed). Add to this another 20 paperback sales at just under $12 retail…

Low carb Myth paid sales

Keep in mind I chipped in here as well, as did Ari and his co-author Wade Smith. The three of us together have a decent following, so all these downloads–both paid and free–as well as this huge shitload (not sure how to convert this to metric) of reviews, were not delivered on a silver platter. I don’t think an author with no following whatsoever could expect these kind of results. They’d get results. Potentially great ones. But it certainly didn’t hurt that I sent more than 5,300 clicks to the book during the process.

So that’s Epic Book Launch so far. Feel free to check out their free webinar coming up soon if you’re interested HERE. Stay tuned to the comments section as I continue to provide updates on sales figures in the weeks ahead, or just check his book out and do your own estimation based on sales rank and current price point. We’ll be testing from $2.99 to $9.99 throughout the remainder of February. We’ll also be testing some paid advertising, which I hope to report is a success as well.

7 thoughts on “Epic Book Launch

  1. The launch of The Low Carb Myth has been truly epic! As you rightly pointed out, this is a great option if the author has a good following and has some great products to sell at the back end. Does Epic Launch have some criteria for choosing the books they want to launch? Do they charge a one time payment for the launch or do they have an ongoing marketing plan as well?

    1. I think they have several options and custom tailor your book launch based on your needs and the business you may have in addition to your authorship. If it were me, I would only do this with a book that has big market potential, is closer to full-length, is very professionally-edited and designed, etc. The last thing you want to do is waste thousands of dollars in marketing on a book with limited potential. I’m sure they would promote whatever you wanted them to, but I would be very selective about what you promote to make the most of the opportunity.

  2. Very interesting, Matt…I’ve been wondering about the follow up sales since you posted in the Pat Flynn group earlier this week. It will be interesting to see Rebecca’s results as well. I’m also interested to see the long term results.

    I will be launching my fiction books (under a pen name) within the month, and have no platform established yet. Using something like this could be a benefit, but obviously with less significant results (unless fiction would sell better, anyway).

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Tara, I actually emailed Austin and asked him if their strategies would sell for fiction too and he replied that they expect fiction to oversell non-fiction. I couldn’t believe when I read it. I am going definitely to watch the webinar reply as I live in EU and 8 pm EST time is 3 AM in the morning by me.

  3. Hi Matt
    This looks interesting!… My book the Paleo Epigenetic Bible did very well on your Buckbooks Promo last Wednesday and I am interested in more marketing options for our books. Any info you can provide would be of interest.

    1. Epic Launch has been so successful that they’re pretty much only taking on high-end clients now that want the whole enchilada, which goes way beyond just book promotion and includes full-on business development. But they are awesome.

  4. I was just on their website and decided to google them since I couldn’t wait for more of their videos. lol. So, thank you for sharing! It’s great that their only working with “high profile clients” as to make the rich get richer, huh? Oh well. Next!

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