The following are helpful resources for authors, written and published by Archangel Ink’s very own Buck Flogging and Rob Archangel…

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Reviewperstar: 12 Tasteful Ways to Get More Book Reviews by Buck Flogging is coming soon! Learn how Buck has gotten over 1,000 book reviews and counting, including an incredible 550 reviews from December, 2013 through February, 2014 (just a 3-month period). Reviewperstar shares all the secrets, as well as some ideas that Buck hopes to pursue in the future for even more. Available as an eBook, paperback, and audiobook.

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Kill Your Blog: 12 Reasons Why You Should Stop %$#!ing Blogging! by Buck Flogging is a wake up call to all authors and aspiring authors who are spending way too much time blogging, building far too few subscribers, and otherwise obsessing over a very inefficient and outdated publicity tool for writers looking to sell quality content. Buck provides his usual humor and a dozen alternatives to blogging for making more efficient use of your time. Available in eBook and Audiobook.


How to Create an Audiobook for Audible by Rob Archangel and Buck Flogging is a complete do-it-yourself manual for indie authors to create their own professional-grade audiobooks. From royalty estimations and insider audiobook marketing tips to equipment recommendations and mastering the tracks for maximum audio quality, this book has everything you need. Available as an eBook exclusively on Kindle. Also be sure to read our Audiobook Page for more information on audiobooks.