Authors Direct: The Best Upcoming Audiobook Platform?

Authors Direct: The Best Upcoming Audiobook Platform?

In this video, I give a preview of Author’s Direct. Is it the best upcoming audiobook platform for authors looking to make audio versions of their work available to the public?

What’s up everybody!

This is Rob of Archangel Ink, and in this video, I want to talk a little bit about Authors Direct.

Now, it is audio August here at Archangel Ink. And we’re really excited and jazzed about audiobooks, and encouraging people to look into them. There really is an opportunity for folks to get in kind of at the ground floor.

The Expanding Audiobook Market

The audiobook market is definitely expanding and expanding fast relative to the digital and print book market for self-publishing authors, and it’s something that more people are getting into. And you have a lot of opportunity to get in when the competition is low.

So we’re encouraging authors to look into audiobook production, and really take advantage of the options and possibilities that are out there. Now, in terms of options and possibilities, one of them, as I mentioned, is Authors Direct. [At the time of recording] Authors Direct was in soft launch or beta launch and it’s through Findaway Voices. Findaway already has a system in place that allows you to distribute outside of the ACX channels (,, and the iTunes bookstore).

If you want to make your book available more widely, and you have a non-exclusive arrangement with ACX, then you can do that. And Authors Direct is a way for you to send people over to a custom branded website, and you get to keep 70 percent of the sales price which you set.

Authors Direct vs ACX Audible Creation Exchange

Now, with ACX, you don’t have the option to set a sales price, and your realty percentage is actually going to be a good bit lower. I believe it’s 25% for a no-exclusive and 40% for exclusive.

In this case obviously 70 percent is really nice. And if you’re able to set the price point yourself, then you can actually set the price a little bit lower and get 70 percent of that. Your royalty may actually still more than what ACX is offering at their 25 or 40 percent rate and it’s a better deal for your prospective listeners.

Now Authors Direct has their own integrated apps, speed control, and it’s designed to be user friendly. So it’s just another option to consider.

I’ll include a little bit of information down below and if you are interested [you can now visit their website] and they can give you some more information to figure out if that’s a good option for you.

Platform Competition is Good for Creators

Again, it’s just a good opportunity, I think more competition is going to be good for the audiobook market. Right now, ACX has the lion’s share of the market. Most of the audiobooks sales are going to be through them, through their 3 channels, and they’re able to get away with, what I think is not the best compensation for their content creators. Being able to keep 25 or 40 percent of the project, is not as good as being able to keep 70 percent.

Now, ACX also has their bounties, which highly incentivize users. So they have their pros and cons. But having different options is good and worth considering,

Again, if you’re interested, feel free to contact or leave a comment down below.  I will do my best to answer any questions or give you some direction and assistance in exploring that new choice for audiobook producers and self-publishing authors out there.

Again, this is Rob of and I will see you folks next time!

2 thoughts on “Authors Direct: The Best Upcoming Audiobook Platform?

  1. It would be nice but I bought an item and never got the password and to me it seems it a scam due to they have a no refund policy and do not reply to emails I sent. If I had known that I would not purchased the item from them and recommend listeners to stay away from them and use other upfront and reliable sights to get audibles.

  2. Hey Dennis, that’s wild to hear. Can you share more details? Where did you purchase your book from?

    I haven’t made any of my books available on this platform, but maybe I can help.

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