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State of the Union
The publishing landscape today makes it possible for authors anywhere to release and upload their work to a global audience. But while the barriers to entry are low, putting your best foot forward is tough. Not everyone has the time or inclination to master all the elements of self-publishing.

Thus Archangel Ink was born. Our goal is to help writers and entrepreneurs everywhere easily reach their audience, share their message and build their brand. From cover design and editing, to eBook and paperback formatting, to audiobook production and ghostwriting, our team is designed to make the process as simple and turnkey as possible for authors and businesses to professionalize their work and focus their energies on whatever it is they do best.

Why Us?
We were founded by authors for authors and have worked with scores of indie authors, including some of the most respected and successful authors in the self-publishing world, including Steve Scott and Barrie Davenport, Tom Corson Knowles, Derek Doepker, and more.

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“Archangel Ink has become my #1 resource for leveraging my content into other platforms.

Not only do they supply basic formatting and editing services, they also make it brain-dead simple to turn my content into audiobook and printed book formats.

Their service has easily generated an additional 15% increase in my author earnings. The best part?  Archangel handles almost the entire process!”

S.J. Scott


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