Below is a handy guide to signing up as an
Archangel Ink affiliate.

The whole process should take just two minutes, less if you already have an E-Junkie account. (Click on images to expand to full size).

STEP 1: Click on the affiliate sign up link, and you’ll redirect to here:

Landing page

STEP 2: If you already have an E-Junkie account, simply log in and move on to Step 4.  If not, you can register in the fields to the right. Input your email address and assign a password. Upon submission, you’ll see this page:


STEP 2: Enter your activation code, and click Submit.  Then you’ll see the following page to fill out your profile settings:

Profile Settings

STEP 3: Fill this out as well, including the PayPal email address that we’ll send payment to for any commissions earned.  (Payment is made via PayPal on the 10th of the following month that the transaction goes through.) Then click Submit.

STEP 4: Now you’re at the ‘Manage Your Affiliate Account’ page below:

Manage Affiliate Account


STEP 5: To get your affiliate hop link to promote Archangel Ink’s publishing packages, click ‘Get Affiliate Code.’ You’ll end up here: Select Merchant

STEP 6: Select Archangel Ink from the drop down menu, and click ‘Get Affiliate Code.’ You’ll be sent here:

Affiliate Hoplink

STEP 7: You can use that HTML code to generate your affiliate cookies. You can also remove just the URL and place that in a blog, mailing list, on a social media post, etc. It’s this section highlighted right here:


STEP 7A: You may also want to shorten that through or any other link shortener web site. Copy it from above and paste it in the entry field, then Click Shorten.Shorten Link

STEP 7B: This shortened URL, highlighted below can now be distributed more easily, and will still generate your affiliate cookie, giving you credit for any resulting sales.

Shortened Bitly URL

STEP 8: That’s it!

Any questions? Send an email to [email protected].

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