We combine our innovative fusion of traditional publishing strategies with the ease, speed and adaptability of self-publishing.

Whether you’re looking for individualized services such as book cover design, editing, or the full publishing experience, we have a solution to fit your needs.

Archangel Ink was created to provide the quality, professionalism and in-house services of a large publisher, while maintaining the ease and individualized service of a self-publisher.

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Authors can focus their time and energy more efficiently, secure in the knowledge
that the finished product will be of the highest quality possible.

Why Archangel Ink?

To put it simply, we obsess about the details so our authors don’t have to.

We live in a world of infinite choice. Particularly in the world of self-publishing, there are countless avenues a content creator can take to create and publish their book. So the question becomes, why us?

Archangel Ink was originally created by authors, for authors. Our business model is built around the idea that professionals who wish to leverage their expertise and knowledge through self-published books deserve the same level of quality, cost-effectiveness and professionalism as those who follow more traditional publishing routes.

We bring extensive knowledge and years of experience to every project, providing individualized service and a painless process for our authors, freeing them to focus on their areas of expertise, while using their newly published book as a powerful tool for business growth.To put it simply, we obsess about the details so our authors don’t have to.

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Book Cover Design

The right book cover is the best investment you can make

Nearly every book or guide on self-publishing will tell you that the cover is the single most important element in the promotion of your book. A striking and compelling cover will draw the eye of a reader, helping it stand out in a sea of books on a shelf or a collection of thumbnails on a web page.

The right book cover is the best investment you can make to ensure your book reaches as many readers as possible. It will pay for itself many times over, and send a clear message to your readers about your integrity and professionalism.