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Are you an author looking to get your finished manuscript to market but need some help? Our team can step in and make it happen for you.


Do you have a big audience you can promote your book to, but just don’t have time to write a book yourself? Or would you like to make some money in the Kindle market and share your ideas, but need a little help actually writing the book? We can help.

With a basic book concept, outline, and availability for questions and clarification from our writers, our team of professional and experienced writers can crank out a top-quality book to meet your goals.

This book will be professionally edited, professionally proofread, formatted for Kindle, formatted for print-on-demand paperback, and turned into an audiobook by one of our excellent narrators and the rest of the Archangel Ink audio editing team. In addition, we will design a book cover, write the book description, select keywords, and more–basically taking your idea and completing each step required to publishing it in three formats. We can also give it a great release by promoting it at launch through our book promotion platform, Buck Books.

If this is something you’re considering, contact us and let’s chat.

Kindle Formatting

eBook formatting can be tricky; in order for a book to translate seamlessly across multiple viewing platforms, formatters need to be familiar with how re-flowable text works. When properly formatted, an eBook will look great regardless of the end user’s settings. Whether they want size 72 purple font with wide margins, or 10 point single spaced font, a well-formatted eBook will allow for that sort of reader customization.

Archangel Ink specializes in this service; our years of experience (and many lessons learned along the way) make it easy for any author looking to expedite the process and avoid the headaches. We will format your finished manuscript so that it translates seamlessly across all viewing platforms.

We provide the finished files in MOBI, EPUB and digital PDF format with clickable Table of Contents and functioning internal hyperlink navigation. If requested we’ll provide you with the source files in Adobe InDesign format as well so you can make changes or updates later on your own if you’re comfortable and familiar with doing so.

CreateSpace Formatting

There’s nothing quite like having a bound edition of your book in your hands to parse through, and share among colleagues and loved ones. And with the advent of print on demand publishing, it’s no longer necessary for authors to purchase a print run of a hundred, a thousand, or more to see their book reach market and become available to others.

As with Kindle formatting, however, the technical demands can be daunting to navigate. Our goal at Archangel Ink is to handle those details so writers can focus their energies on whatever it is they do best; by outsourcing the details of the self-publishing process, collaborating with us allows you to focus on creating and sharing your message. No need to get mired in the ins and outs of graphic design, interior layout, or any of the other minefields that an aspiring self-published author needs to know to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace.

Over time, Archangel Ink has established an efficient system for turning your finished manuscript into an attractive paperback that you can be proud to display on your bookshelf, at conventions or expos, or on the end-cap of your local coffee shop.

Below are examples of our basic interior and exterior templates:





Variation from that template is possible, as well, so please reach out to us for further assessment.


Writing is tricky, and for most authors, an extra set of eyes is absolutely necessary to putting your strongest foot forward. After a while, we don’t see what’s there so much as what we mean to say.

Proof-reading, a process separate from developmental/content editing, is that last set of eyes, typically done in conjunction with Kindle formatting. We make sure that you dot your I-s and cross your T-s, that your hyperlinks are active, your grammar is by the book, and that you have all your ducks lined up so no embarrassing typos or inconsistent tenses find their way to your readers. Proof-reading shows your followers that you care enough to put in the extra effort, and sets you apart from the crowd.


Editing is the bread and butter of content creation.  While making sure that all the other details are dialed in is necessary to help your book distinguish itself and demonstrate its pedigree, a well edited book is what separates good writing from great writing. We offer three tiers of editing, depending on the needs of the manuscript and the author.

a) Developmental editing: For nonfiction work, this would include making sure the content is well organized and focused. Is there a lot of content that is just a repeat of what you’ve already said that can be deleted? Do you say in the intro that you’re going to address something and then never address it? Is your tone consistent throughout the book? Are the chapters in the best order to make your point?

b) Line editing: This is editing at the sentence and paragraph level for diction, clarity, and readability. Are you using the best words to make your point? Do your sentences flow? Can the reader understand your point? Does your writing sound good? Line editing is about the craft of writing. It’s our editors’ favorite part. 😃

c) Copy editing: This is looking for typos, grammar errors, punctuation errors, extra spaces, etc. Confusing sentences would still be fixed, but if they are understandable and just not ideal, we’d leave them alone (with a heavy heart).

Costs are contingent on a number of factors, including length, complexity of the manuscript and the goals of the author, so all projects must first be assessed before we can offer any estimates.

Amazon Book Description Writing

A quick note here: we bundle this with editing, but the importance of this should not be overlooked. When a browser finds your book on Amazon, three things tend to matter most in determining whether that browser converts to a buyer.

  • Your book cover. More on that here.
  • Your book description. Misquoting Django Unchained, your typical Amazon book browser’s thought process is: “Your book cover had my attention. But with your book description, now you have my interest.”
  • Your reviews. Earning high quality thoughtful reviews is a subject for another time, and has much to do with the quality of your content and the strength of your authorship infrastructure.

Don’t squander the sales opportunity your book description offers- use it to meet and dissolve any objections your browser might have to parting ways with their dollars for your work. Convey to them what value you offer in exchange and get them excited to see what you can bring to their life with your words.

Our team can help with that.

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