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Promote Your Book With A Facebook Party!

Facebook party

This is a guest post from the awesome author Michelle Saint-Germain. If you’re a writer and interested in writing for us, give us a shout. Are you launching a book soon or thinking about launching a book? If so, you might be looking into marketing strategies. Your

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Choosing Keywords for Your Book on Amazon

choosing keywords for your book on Amazon

Amazon lets you choose 7 different keyword phrases for each book. These keywords make it more likely that someone who is looking for your topic will discover that you have a book for sale. These keywords show up in Google as well as in Amazon’s search function.

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Choosing a Category for your Book on Amazon

book categories on Amazon

While it’s not much more complicated than shoe-tying or crotch-scratching, there are a few tiny tricks that can help your book get more sales when it comes to choosing the right category. An extra book sale a day makes a huge difference when compounded over a time

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How to Make Money Blogging

make money blogging on wordpress

Most of the civilized world has no idea how people make money blogging. They’ve heard that some people make money blogging, sometimes a lot, but they aren’t really sure how. Unless you are an active internet entrepreneur of some kind, the ins and outs of making money

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How to Make Money as a Writer (For Real!)

make money as a writer

There are many ways to make money as a writer. This article will focus primarily on independent, self-employed, internet-based writing. Basically, what we’re talking about here is making some money blogging and self-publishing books at vendors like Amazon and Lulu. First, decide how serious you are about

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What is the Best Price for your Book on Amazon?

the best price for your book on Amazon

Most independent authors want to sell their book at the highest possible price. On Kindle, that’s basically $9.99. If you sell the book at a higher price than that, your commission goes from 70% to an abysmal 35%. Damn Amazon. Same thing happens when you go below

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Constructing a Proper Book Launch

By Buck Flogging When it comes to selling a book that you’ve written on Amazon specifically, your launch strategy is at least 50% responsible for the lifetime success of your book. I can’t stress the importance of a beefy launch enough. It should be thick and juicy.

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How Much Money Do Writers (Really) Make?

make money as a writer

That’s a good question. The KING, as in Stephen King, probably the most well-paid author in American history, is said to have a net worth of around $400 million. So, if you religiously write 2,000 words per day like he claims to, you’re one creepy-ass bastard that

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Pros and Cons of KDP Select

By Buck Flogging I’ve sold books everywhere it seems: book bundles, personal websites, Lulu, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore, Audible, iTunes, ghetto spiral-bound books at conferences. Heck, I’ve even sold a book at Google Play before. That is no small feat. Selling a book on Google Play

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