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The single most important element for sales

By far the best value for book cover design services on the planet. Not only will we create a fantastic cover for just $199, we’ll also guarantee a spot for promotion through Buck Books!

It’s no secret. In books and guides on self-publishing, authors agree that the cover is the single most important element when it comes to selling your book, and this is often where indie authors are making the biggest mistakes. Don’t try to cut corners by going to a second-rate designer on fiverr, don’t throw away money by spending $500 and up to get the same custom, professional look that you can get here for far less, and please PLEASE don’t try to do it yourself.

You can get the best quality book cover found anywhere online at Archangel Ink for just $199.

Archangel Ink was created by authors, for authors, and along with our sister company Buck Books, have observed the performance of literally thousands of book promotions.  We have unique insight into what covers perform well in the market and we bring that to you.

We know how important it is for indie authors to have a great cover if they really want to compete with the pros, and we know that money is tight when you’re just getting started. That’s why we’ve created our model: trust us to do right by you and we will over-deliver. There is currently no one in all of the indie publishing world doing fully customized, quality book cover design with fully licensed images and fonts like this for even close to $199.

Make a smart investment on your book cover. It will pay itself back many times over, and send a clear message to readers about your integrity and professionalism.

  • Cover formatting for paperback listing through Createspace also available
  • Multiple books in a series? Ask us about bulk rates!

If you are interested in having your book cover(s) designed by Archangel Ink’s design team, send an email by clicking on the button below.
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