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Self Publishing ServicesWelcome to Archangel Ink, your full-service gas station for self-publishing success. Started by authors, for authors, Archangel Ink is here to help authors with our innovative fusion of the traditional publishing model with the ease, speed, and adaptability of self-publishing.

It’s 2014, and massive turmoil exists in the publishing industry due to the increasing ease of self-publishing, the glut of new reading devices and delivery platforms, and the unpredictable and sweeping changes constantly being implemented by companies like Amazon in what we call the current “Publishing Wild West.”

Entrenched in an old paradigm and often at war with various vendors, large publishing companies have been slow to adapt–and with authors only receiving a mere 10-20% of the proceeds from book sales in an age where it has become increasingly easy to make your own luck, traditional publishing is becoming undeniably less attractive.

Yet self-publishing as an indie author has many drawbacks, headaches, and expenses as well. Without experience, it is difficult to properly brand, design, edit, format, and market a book without spending a fortune having shoddy freelancers do it or spend years developing the skills and expertise required to do it on your own.

That’s where we come in.

All we require is an unedited manuscript, and we handle the rest–allowing authors to do what they do best–write! Our services include:

  • Professional grade manuscript editing
  • Proofreading
  • Custom cover design
  • eBook formatting
  • Paperback production
  • Audiobook production
  • Listing on nearly every available platform
  • Sales copy writing
  • Keyword, pricing, and category research
  • Marketing and promotion
  • And more

Archangel Ink coordinates all of these services to be rendered by true professionals specializing in each area. The author pays a small deposit up front, and is fully refunded from proceeds before we see a cut.

And instead of a measly 10-20% of the royalties, Archangel Ink typically engages in a 70:30 royalty split with authors.

30% is approximately double the royalty share offered by traditional publishers.

And while that’s already a much better deal, we actually take the 30%. Authors keep 70%!

The new publishing world has totally redefined how book selling and publishing operates. It’s easier now, more affordable now, faster now, and much easier to promote and sell.

And with Archangel Ink, it just got easier. We believe that authors should spend their time writing, not trying to operate a business and mastering graphic design and marketing and formatting and SEO and all of the other headaches that come with self-publishing all on your own.

Contact us now to find out more. We offer unbeatable royalty splits and quality on all of our services. We offer unbeatable prices on our a la carte services as well, which include all of the items listed above paid up front with no royalty sharing at all.

Whether your books are written or unwritten or even out there for sale already, we’re excited to show you what we can do to help you become a well-respected, well-paid author. Let us take you under our wing and jumpstart your success.

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